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News articles are written by the league officials and occasionally by the web developer. We attempt to keep everyone informed of recent events and where possible we will include photos to enhance the news articles.

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Website Revamp - Your feedback please

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Friday 11 January 2019

Happy New Year to everyone.

Thank you for your support of this website over the last 10 years.

For various reasons, I feel that the website is due a revamp but the ability to do so will depend on the workload in my real line of work.

Apart from appearance, I do not intend to change any aspect of the league fixtures and stats other than as advised by the leagues (See below) but I am keen to remove anything redundant and add some new features. This is where I require the feedback from you, the members of the individual leagues covered by this site.

The Messageboard:The advent and continued growth of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc have made messageboards like ours all but redundant. Do we want/need our own messageboard?

The Gallery: Redundant

League Results: It may be that one day in the near future, match results can be entered and agreed online by the two captains at the end of each match saving postage of match cards and delays in results.

New Feature: A calendar showing all fixtures, events, cup games, meetings to help avoid clashes. This has been available to some extent already but it is an integral part of the messageboard and I don't think it has been used to the best advantage because of its ties to the message board.

Please let me know your thoughts via the message board or facebook/email/text/whatsapp etc
07983 632 019

Thank you


Keith Robins (Peggy)

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Friday 02 February 2018

It is with a very heavy heart I report the terrible news that the much-loved Keith Robins passed away in the early hours of February 1st 2018

Peggy, as he was so affectionally known, had a massive impact on the success of this website, the crown green bowling community, and of course the lives of those who knew him.

I speak from personal experience when I talk about him, he was my closest friend and we had a very strong bond. I will miss him dearly and I know that my thoughts will be echoed by so many people.

He had found true love in Michelle and my thoughts are with her and their respective families at this very tough time.

RIP Peggy

Home Win Aggregate Points Change

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Friday 28 April 2017

Morning all


I've been advised that the home aggregate points have been changed for 2017 from 2 points to 3.


At this point I should wish this site a happy 10th birthday!!!!


When I built this site in 2007 I made provisions for various things changing season by season in order to ensure a dynamic and versatile system. Unfortunately, aggregate points home and away was not one of those things I had envisaged would be a variable.


I have now changed the aggregate points system to reflect the new 3 points for a home win but because it is a system variable and not a season variable, in doing so it will apply the change across the board to the previous seasons. This is only a problem if you are looking back through the archives where it should be 2 points per home win.


This problem is temporary as I will be re-writing the league code so that the agg points and other similar values like individual points become league-season-variable instead of just league-variable.


I hope that makes sense but if not, suffice to say, I'll sort it as sonn as I can.





Manchester and District Amateur Bowling League

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Thursday 17 March 2016

The Manchester and District Amateur Bowling League have now joined our web-based community and can now enjoy all the benefits of this website.

The link to the Manchester section of this site is included at the top of the page alongside Tameside and Longdendale.

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome the league and it's members and wish them well for the new season.


Website Gets a New Name

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Thursday 15 January 2015

After having had discussions with both League Secretaries, the address for this website will change from to

There is nothing for anyone to do, the change will just take place and you will start to see the new name appear in the address bar of your browser as if by magic in the next few days.

I very much wanted to use the words 'crowngreen' in the name of the website because it is far more appropriate in view of the nature of the site and it will be easier for newcomers to find the site through google by searching those words.

I will maintain a permanent redirect on until about the time of the Charity Match at Easter after which will not redirect to here so please note the new address will be:

Thanks to Dave and Peggy for your help

New feature for 2015

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Sunday 11 January 2015

Best wishes to everyone for the new year.

I've added a new feature to the website for 2015 in the form of a calendar which can be used by everyone, for the benefit of everyone.

The calendar is provided to help reduce the number of clashes that occur each year. The leagues have a responsibilty to avoid certain dates to prevent clashes with county games etc but clubs are free to host any event they want, whenever they want.

When your league secretaries compile the fixtures for the year, every game will appear on the calendar automatically so that at a glance, anyone can see who's playing and when. The secretaries will also add the cup fixture details and other league events such as AGM's etc.

Everyone, including guest visitors to this website can see the calendar and all it's events but in order to post your own events on the calendar you must be a member of the message board. An added bonus to this feature is that you can link your post in the calendar to the message board so that when you post the details of your event, it will appear in the message board and alert people to your event.

I have created some sample fixtrues on 6th January and they can be viewed here. I have also addd the charity match on Easter Monday here

Please make use of this feature as I believe it will help everyone organise their seasons better and also help clubs to promote their events.

If you are not yet a member of the message board then please sign up and join in. You can register here in a matter of minutes!

Tameside and Longdendale

by Brian Smart - Webmaster - Wednesday 28 May 2014

This website is no longer associated with James North Bowling Club in any way whatsoever.

As members of the Tameside and Longdenale bowling leagues the club is included in all tables, stats and club profiles but this website and it's owner will no longer support, promote or act in favour of them.